Listros Team

LISTROS e.V. is a non-profit organization based in Berlin (Germany) founded by Ethiopian Dawit Shanko in 2003. The organization's goal is to build a bridge between Germany and Ethiopia. Activities focus on the "Listros", Amharic for "shoeshine boy". They are representative for all children and youth in Ethiopia, who work as shoeshine boy, sell fruit and lottery tickets or offer services as cutlers and housemaids in order to finance their education and improve their future.

The LISTROS e.V. is guided by the conviction that faith in the initiative, recognition of productivity, respect for entrepreneurship and promoting of the creative potential of these young people is an engine for change.

So far, volunteers have made possible LISTROS e.V. achievements. In addition, projects have been possible with the financial support of friends, partners, companies and from project partners and public money.

To facilitate a sustainable continuation of LISTROS DAY in Ethiopia, LISTROS e.V. now requires the association of people who decide to become members, companies and groups who act as supporters, partners and sponsors who fund specific projects, personalities and political voices who promote a sustainable change of Listros in Ethiopia. 

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