From September 18 to October 20 we held a football tournament between 10 primary schools. In addition to the athletic competition, the tournament developed into a social movement.

At the same time, the prerequisites were extremely difficult. In the wake of Ethiopia's rapidly progressing modernization it goes unnoted that more than 50% of the population is younger than 16 years old and need places to play. This dire situation is also apparent in most of the schools and we learned that all of the participating schools lack a reasonable football pitch.

Nonetheless and despite of lacking a regular football team, all school principals guranteed their participation in the tournament. Putting the team together brought no problems, but the need of additional requirements and equipment was not considered. As a result a heated debate ensued when the teams and school principals expected us to equip them. We would like to thank the BGI for spontaneously financing the jerseys for all 10 school team.

The 26 rounds of the tournament were emotionally charged, full of enthusiasm and team spirit. With the noticeable common concerns of the players and fans, the games developed into the optimal carrier of the LISTROS DAY messages "We for our school" and "Shine On our School." Thus the football tournament propagated the values of solidarity and conveyed our objective to seek a change of perspective in the Ethiopian society.

At the end of each game the winning team had to polish the shoes of their opponents. This sign of respect of tolerance towards the losers created a well-balanced atmosphere. 


The Winners

We congratulate the teams of Dil Betigil School and Dagmawi Minilik II Primary School on having achieved more than a tournament victory for their school community. Besides the joy of play and competition they learned that it is worthwhile to jointly work for a cause.