Listros Day Campaign 2012

LISTROS DAY campaign 2012 started in September with a variety of activities leading up to LISTROS DAY 2012 festival celebrated at Dagmawi Minilik II Primary School, located in Arat Kilo, Addis Ababa on October 20. On the whole, 10.000 primary students and 1.500 Listros participated in the campaign titled  "SHINE ON OUR FUTURE". Some activities will be continuing until March 2013. 

We focus on the issue of young working Ethiopians because they are Ethiopia‘s biggest potential. We want to encourage them to continue their education as their best investment for a better future. We want to provide them with the tools to grow and transform, so that they can meet the challenges they face in their daily lives.

Moreover, we are convinced that achieving these goals requires a robust campaign and solid partners, accompanied by a strong demonstration of moral support to encourage people to stand up for themselves and greet the future.

That is why we call on the whole nation to acknowledge the achievements of the hardworking youth.   

It is our dedicated goal to mobilize international and Ethiopian society to show more solidarity and social responsibility towards reducing the challenges that young Ethiopians face in supporting their education.

Taking the young entrepreneurs as an example, we want to commemorate everything Ethiopians have ever done to fight poverty. We want to pay tribute to a nation of fighters who refuse to accept the poverty allotted to them. We want to successively transform society by giving support to the government’s efforts to end poverty. By doing so, we want to create a social corporate feeling among the generations and give the young people of Ethiopia a new vision for the future.

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AEEG (Association of Ethiopian Educated in Germany) was our partner organization, who facilitated the implementation of activities.

LISTROS DAY 2012 was financially supported by our major partners ADC (Austrian Development Cooperation), who financed the idea contests at 10 primary schools and at 5 departments of Addis Ababa University and the BMZ (Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development) who financed the LISTROS Conference, Football Tournament, a theater workshop as well as the reconstruction of Dagmawi Minilik II Primary School.

In addition, we successfully contacted local and international development agencies, cultural and educational institutions, NGOs, companies and individuals and established committed partnerships. Ethiopian media reported abundantly reported on the activities, general objective and future goals of LISTROS DAY.

One day, the Listros' travails will become the stuff of legends and no longer be the reality for youth in Ethiopia.

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