On November 19, the Institute of Ethopian Studies (IES) incorporated an installation of 20 LISTROS-boxes in its permanent exhibition. Thus, the Listros boxes - one of which is partly covered with gold leaf - are now part of a museum that focusses on Ethiopia's rich cultural heritage and fosters research in the social sciences and humanities. Also called "the museum of nationalities" and located in the old palace, Genete Le’ul, of the late Emperor Haile Selassie, the two-floor collection also shows the late Emperor's bedroom and an art gallery.

The inclusion of the Listros box in one of the Ethiopia's finest museums emphasizes the value of juvenile LISTROS within Ethiopian society and, the same time, emphasizes the previously unexplored area of LISTROS as a now recognized research subject.

The decision to present the IES with not only a single box but an installation of 20 normal and a half-gilded boxes corresponds to the fundamental principle of LISTROS Association to use art as a driving force for social transformation. Thus the natural half presents the box as an essential tool. The gilded half, in turn, sympolizes the appreciation and recognition that these young people are entitled to. 

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