Be Listros

  • Listros take their fate into their own hands and build the foundations for a decent life.
  • Listros are shaping their future on their own and are inter-dependent.
  • Listros develop their individual and collective competences.
  • Listros support each other and are willing to learn from one another.
  • Listros are creative and stand for a global society built on partnership
BE LISTROS! is an invitation to build a shared future together through intercultural understanding and a call for participation in global issues.

We now call upon you to join our initiative and promote our goal to improve the living conditions of Listros and to create awareness in Ethiopia.

By doing so you will encourage others to similarly seek creative ways of giving the dedicated young generation a new perspective on their future in Ethiopia.

There are many ways you can help, from active support to financial and/or material sponsorship or donations to the LISTROS FUND.

For further information, please contact us and learn how you can become “A PARTNER FOR A BETTER FUTURE”.